Thank You!

Centered Worship is committed to going above and beyond to serve churches. So on top of the sheet music you purchased, you get some additional FREE resources!


I'm not sure why other publishers don't seem to put much effort into creating demos. As a worship leader, getting to hear an arrangement before I purchase it is extremely helpful, sometimes even necessary.

But not only that, I've found that demos are super helpful for the musicians who will be using the sheet music. Hearing how the arrangement sounds is really inspiring. And getting to hear how difficult passages are supposed to sound makes learning them much easier.

You can find these videos directly on the product pages or on Centered Worship's YouTube page. Give those links out freely to your pianists and choir members. I'm confident they'll help your rehearsals go much more smoothly.


Included with each arrangement are also tutorial videos - one for pianists and one for choir directors. They'll go over things like interpretive suggestions, difficult passages, practice ideas, and creative suggestions for altering the arrangement. 

You can also find these videos directly on the product pages or on Centered Worship's YouTube page


And if there was a song that you were looking for that wasn't available on the site, please head over to the Request A Song page and fill out the form.

That information goes into a database that helps me prioritize what Centered Worship publishes, and puts you on a list to be notified when that particular song becomes available.


Hey, thanks again for supporting Centered Worship! It goes toward my continuing to serve churches with innovative resources for an integrated music ministry.

- Zach