Centered Worship is a brand new, innovative sheet music publishing project born out of the experiences of a regular, small-church-loving worship leader who experienced a profound sadness over musical segregation so common in churches and an ever-growing frustration over current sheet music providers who are only perpetuating the problem.

After enough time, experience, and experimentation, the time finally came to do something about it - hence, Centered Worship. Welcome! 

The Foundation

Centered Worship is built on the gospel-founded belief that beauty and strength exist not in one group's definition of superiority but in a community's expression of diversity.

  • Everyone's heart musical language is legitimate. Whether old or new, traditional or contemporary, everyone has a musical style that speaks directly to them. Instead of picking one and marginalizing the others, Centered Worship believes that priority ought to be given to finding expression for all musical languages in a given community.
  • Every musician's gifts are valuable. Whether an amateur musician or a highly trained one, whether a play-by-ear musician or only a note-reader, Centered Worship believes that one's ability to serve should not be based on whether that person's gifts fit a certain skill-based criteria or not. All those with musical gifting ought to have opportunities to use their gifts.
  • Every voice is necessary. God's people sing - without qualification or exception. They're not called to watch others sing. Though there is a legitimate place for performance in the church, Centered Worship wholeheartedly believes in and is committed to congregations singing together.

The Mission

The mission of Centered Worship is to create innovative resources for an integrated music ministry.

To accomplish this, Centered Worship is positioning itself as a new kind of sheet music publisher, one that operates as an independent entity, free to create products that are made with integrity and excellence, that actually work, and that are right for the common good.

  • All arrangements are designed to encourage and support congregational singing. Though there is a rightful place for performance, all arrangements on this site are created with the intention of use within group worship contexts.
  • All arrangements are designed to enable traditional (or note-reading type) musicians and contemporary (or play-by-ear type) musicians to play seamlessly together. Most churches operate under the assumption that these two extremes must function separately. But with a good dose of humility and mutual respect, coupled with the right resources, it is possible for the two types of musicians to play well together. Centered Worship is here to provide the right resources.
  • All arrangements are created by musicians embedded in local churches. While still just the fledgling project of a small-time worship leader, the future vision of Centered Worship is to be the host of endless resources created by lots of regular people with incredible musical talent who love their local church and write what they do first for their local church. In other words, if you're looking for formulaic, stale arrangements pumped out by disengaged professionals, you won't find them here!

The Positioning

Centered Worship is the regular church's sheet music publisher.

  • You don't need lots of money and an uber talented worship team to deserve our attention. Centered Worship is committed to open lines of communication with everyone it serves - feedback, opinions, advice, requests, etc. All have a voice and are encouraged to communicate open and honestly.
  • Our products are usable. Just because the industry has done something a certain way for a very long, doesn't mean it makes the most sense. Everything Centered Worship does - even something as small as including/excluding a particular piece of notation - is filtered through two questions: is absolutely necessary? and does it work? The result is products that are bulletproof and experiences that are absolutely trustworthy.
  • Our personality is simple and intuitive. Webpages are uncluttered, sheet music is clear, communication is unobtrusive, etc. One of the benefits of being independent of the industry is that Centered Worship is free to break the rules if it means making something that works better.
  • We don't believe "bigger is better." Innovation, while a foundational quality for Centered Worship, is merely a means to an end, not an end in itself. Centered Worship will never try to upsell churches on what they don't need, but rather figure out what they need and develop better ways to obtain it.


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